Polyester (Trinidad and Tobago) processing silk

All polyesters are sorted by the type of yarn and production equipment:




Wooly Stretch Yarn

Single yarn

Dress, curtains, pants material

Set Yarn

Single yarn

Senior trousers, suits, jackets

Air Entangling Yarn

Single yarn

Imitation wool pants material, dress, suit

High Count Yarn

Single yarn

High ladies, suits, casual wear

High Stretch Yarn

Single yarn

Pants, suits, dress

Non-Torque Yarn

Single yarn

Car line, knitted fabrics, curtain fabric

Micor Fiber

Single yarn

Senior suit, suit, casual windbreaker jacket, super soft cloth

Modified Polyester

Single yarn

Male and female coats

Thick and Thin Yarn

Single yarn

Suit, suit, jacket

Colour Textured Yarn

Single yarn

Plaid suit, jacket, strip equipment

Single discat yarn 50%、35%

Single yarn

Set, shirt, windbreaker

Soft Package Microfiber

Single yarn

High-knit sports and leisure fabrics

Wormy Yarn

Single yarn

Knitted fabric


Compound Yarn

Senior pants material, skirts, dress, suit

55%、66%、75%、100% CD Wool-Like Yarn

Compound Yarn

Imitation wool loading, suits, dress

55%、75%、100% Black and White Two Tone Yarn

Compound Yarn

Plaid fabric, high-level dress, suit

Differential Shrinkage Yarn)

Compound Yarn

Super soft dress, casual wear

Foy.Moy Two Tone Yarn

Compound Yarn

Imitation wool pants, suits, dress

Two Tone Thick and Thin Yarn

Compound Yarn

Special pants material, senior men and women wear

Dope Dyed Multi-Color Yarn

Compound Yarn

Women's cloth

Compound Spandex Cover Yarn

Compound Yarn

Knitted fabrics, women's fabrics